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    TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication


    Test dates

    Listening & Reading: individual tests possible at any time
    Speaking & Writing: every third Wednesday of the month as well as on request (> 5 candidates)


    Information about the TOEIC tests: Listening & Reading, Speaking & Writing, 4 Skills

    • The most widely used test for business English
    • Enhances your profile and CV


    • Internationally recognised certification of business English skills
    • Suitable for students, graduates, career starters or professionals who require proof of their language skills
    • Ungraded placement test (no pass or fail system)

    TOEIC Listening & Reading

    Test structure

    • Paper and pencil
    • Two hours test time (45 mins listening + 75 mins reading)
    • 200 multiple choice questions
    • Tests passive understanding of language

    Registration and fees

    • Fixed test dates as well as on demand
    • Registration deadline: 6 working days before the test date (registration must be completed in full and payment received)
    • Test fee: € 180

    TOEIC Speaking & Writing

    Test Structure

    • Online
    • 1 hour 20 minutes test time (20 mins speaking + 75 mins writing)
    • Different types of questions
    • Tests active language ability

    Registration and fees

    • Fixed test dates (for < 5 candidates every third Wednesday of the month) and on demand (> 5 candidates)
    • Registration deadline: 16 working days before the test date (registration must be completed in full and payment received)
    • Test fee: € 180

    Certificate of Listening & Reading/Speaking & Writing/4 Skills

    • Report with score
    • Analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses
    • CEFR placement test
    • Explanatory table giving an assessment of individual language skills (can-do statements)
    • Results within 7 working days (listening & reading) or 16 working days (speaking & writing)

    TOEIC 4 Skills

    • Tests both active and passive language competence
    • Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes
    • Listening: 100 multiple choice questions in 45 minutes
    • Reading: 100 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes
    • Speaking: 11 sections (6 types of questions) in 20 minutes
    • Writing: 8 sections (3 types of questions) in 60 minutes
    • Certificate for all four key language skills


    The TOEIC was established in 1979, inspired by the Japanese Minister for Commerce and Foreign Trade (MITI). This test was conceived in the USA by the Centre for Psychometrics ETS (Educational Testing Service). The quality and reliability of the ETS tests is internationally indisputable. The standardized TOEIC-test offers consistent and reliable results throughout and serves the evaluation of candidates of all levels. (Beginner through advanced, as well as all professional and other sectors).

    More information on www.de.toeic.eu

    F+U is a recognised test centre for TOEIC.

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