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    TELC - The European Language Certificates, die Europäischen Sprachenzertifikate

    TELC - The European Language Certificates

    For German as a Foreign Language, English; Spanish, French, Italian and Russian on request.

    Exam dates
    January 17th, 2019 July 25th, 2019
    February 21st, 2019 August 22nd, 2019
    March 21st, 2019 September 19th, 2019
    April 18th, 2019 October 17th, 2019
    May 16th, 2019 November 14th, 2019
    June 20th, 2019 December 12nd, 2019

    Exam Fee: € 180
    Registration ends: 30 working days before the exam (Please note: Saturdays are not seen as working days!)
    Evaluation: 4-6 weeks

    Additional fees:

    • Individual exam date: € 30
    • Late registration fee: 29 to 8 days prior to exam (A1: 12 to 8 days prior to exam): € 35

    Express evaluation, 2 weeks after exam documents arrive in TELC-Centre: € 180 (The booking of Express evaluation as well as the payment of the fees needs to be made 30 days prior to the exam date)

    Type of Exam Exam fee


    A1 A1 Junior
    A2 A2 + Business
    DTZ A2/B1 B1 + Business
    B1 B2 + Business
    B1/B2 for nurses B2/C1 for doctors
    B2 C1 University
    C1 C2


    A1 A1 Junior
    A2 A2/B1
    A2/B1 Business
    B1 B1 Business
    B1/B2 B1/B2 Business
    B2 B2 Business
    B2/C1 Business B2/C1 University
    C1 C2

    180,- €

    TELC - Start Deutsch A1
    Level: A1 (Previous knowledge: Elementary I)
    Requirements: 100-160 lessons

    TELC - Start Deutsch A2
    Level: A2 (Previous knowledge: Elementary II)
    Requirements: 250-320 lessons

    TELC - Zertifikat Deutsch B1
    Level: B1 (Previous knowledge: Intermediate I)
    Requirements: Approx. 480 lessons

    TELC - Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf
    Level: B2 (Previous knowledge: Intermediate III)
    Requirements: Approx. 640 lessons + 20 lessons Business German

    TELC - Zertifikat Deutsch C1
    Level: C1 (Previous knowledge: Advanced I)
    Requirements: Approx. 800 lessons

    TELC Deutsch C1 Hochschule
    Level: C1 (Previous knowledge: Advanced I)
    Requirements: Approx. 800 lessons

    More information

    TELC - Certificate in English
    Level: B1 (Previous knowledge Intermediate I)
    Requirements: Approx. 480 lessons

    TELC - Certificate in English for Business Purposes (intermediate)
    Level: B1 (Previous knowledge Intermediate I)
    Requirements: Approx. 440 lessons + 20 lessons Business English

    TELC - Certificate in English for Business Purposes (Vantage)
    Level: B2 (Previous knowledge Intermediate III)
    Requirements: Approx. 600 TH + 40 lessons Business English

    Other TELC formats (Spanish, Italian, French, Russian) on request.

    Information about TELC-exams

    TELC stands for ”The European Language Certificates”. These language examinations, which are recognised across Europe, are held in fifteen countries and in over 3000 facilities for various levels of competency.

    State accreditation: The European language certificates are internationally recognised and highly valued. Examples: The examination for the German certificate is a precondition for the acquisition of the German citizenship; several German states recognize the European language certificate in place of various diplomas. Italy: The German certificate is recognised by the Ministry of Education. Poland: B1 and B2 TELC-examinations are recognised as a prerequisite for public services. Hungary, Czech Republic: TELC-English and German certificates are recognised by the state. Academic accreditation: In Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland the TELC-examinations facilitate the entrance into college and vocational academies. In Germany the accreditation is regulated exclusively by the state, but a growing number of colleges and vocational academies accept a TELC-certificate in German, English, French or Spanish as evidence of sufficient language skills. Please inquire at the according college and vocational academies.
    Recognition on the job market: The number of examinations and acquired certificates are essential for the popularity and recognition on the job market. There are numerous important associates in all the countries where the Chamber of Commerce and its organizations are represented.

    More information on: www.telc.net.

    F+U is a recognized test centre for TELC and TELC C1 für die Hochschule (more information on our Kompetenzzentrum Hochschule).

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