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    Group Courses


    Intensive Courses

    • Registration fee (for the first course only): €40 (group bookings of 2 people: €25 / person; 3 people: €20 / person; 4 people: €15 / person).
    • Family discount (siblings, parents): 10% per person off the course fees.
    • One teaching hour (TH) is 45 minutes.
    • Discounts are only available for advance payment of at least five or twelve weeks; the fee for the academic year course must be fully paid in advance.

    German as a Foreign Language

    Course start: Every Monday throughout the year; complete beginners: 06.01, 03.02, 02.03, 06.04, 04.05, 02.06 (Tues), 06.07, 20.07, 03.08, 17.08, 07.09, 05.10, 02.11, 07.12.

    Course no. Course title Course description / level TH/week Learners Course times (Mon-Fri) Flexible course duration
    (fee per week)
    1-4 wks 5-11 wks 12-24 wks 25-39 wks From 40 wks
    9 Main course:
    standard German
    or exam
    (TestDaF /
    telc C1 Hochschule)1
    Teaching the various language skills in homogenous learning groups. Levels A1 to C1. Exam preparation option available from end of B2 level. 20 4-15² 09:00-12:15 € 150 € 135 € 115 € 110 € 105
    10 Main course + module course Participation in module courses I or II – the ideal supplement to the main course 20 + 10 4-15 09:00-12:15
    € 195 € 175 € 145 € 140 € 135
    11 Super-intensive course: Main course + module + IL Combination of intensive group lessons and bespoke individual lessons (IL) 20 + 10 + 5 IL 4-15 + IL 08:00-08:45³
    € 350 € 320 € 310 € 305 € 300

    Module course I



    Consolidation course with focus on grammar and conversation. Levels A1 to C1 10 4-15 13:00-14:30 € 110 € 95 € 85 € 80 € 75

    Module course II



    Consolidation course preparing for TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule. From end of level B2 10 4-15 13:00-14:30 € 110 € 95 € 85 € 80 € 75
    14 Mini group Primarily suited to learners over 30. Focused, individually guided learning in small mixed-age groups. Levels A2 to C1 20 4-6 09:00-12:15 € 310 € 290 Maximum 11 weeks


    leave I

    Language lessons regulated in accordance with the educational leave laws, including in Rhineland Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg,

    Bremen and Hessen (others on request). Levels A1 to C1

    30 4-15



    € 255 Maximum 2 weeks


    leave II

    40 (incl. 10 IL) 4-15 + IL



    € 550

    1Our TestDaF preparation courses start four weeks before the actual exam week, on 13.01, 30.03, 04.05, 22.06, 10.08, 12.10; before and after these courses learners can join our standard German courses. Preparation for telc C1 Hochschule is offered (provided there is sufficient demand) two weeks before the week of the respective exam week
    2Maximum participant numbers may be exceeded for the TestDaF and telc C1 Hochschule preparation courses.
    3Course times for individual lessons can also be arranged with the teacher.


    English / German plus English

    Course start: 29.06, 06.07, 13.07, 20.07, 27.07, 03.08, 10.08, 17.08, 24.08 (additional dates on request); No. 17: Complete beginners in German: 06.07, 20.07, 03.08, 17.08 (additional dates on request).

    Course no. Course title Course description / level TH/week Learners Course times (Mon-Fri) Flexible course duration
    (fee per week)
    1-4 wks From 5 wks

    German (main course) +

    English (main course)

    Learn both German (no. 9) and English (no. 18) in full-length intensive main courses. Opportunity to gain internationally recognised certificates (telc, TestDaF, TOEFL®)2 20+15 4-15 09:00-12:15
    € 245 € 230
    18 Main course: standard English Acquisition of the various language skills in homogenous learning groups. Levels B1 to C1 15 4-10 13:00-15:30 € 135 € 125
    19 Specialisation course: main course standard English + individual lessons (IL) English A combination of group and specialist individual lessons (IL), e.g. preparation for the TOEFL® exam.2 10 IL + 15 IL + 4-10 10:30-12:15¹
    € 365 € 350

    1Course times for the individual lessons can be arranged with the teacher.
    2The TOEFL®, telc and TestDaF exams can be taken at the school


    Group Packages

    Throughout the year we offer special packages. These are designed for class trips or groups of at least seven people aiming to improve their language skills while experiencing German culture in the country’s most attractive metropolitan city. Our diverse cultural programme offers plenty of variety and can be tailored to the specific interests of the group participants. To round off the perfect language trip you can book accommodation with or without meals in our halls of residence or with host families, as well as various transfer options.
    Free offers for group leaders

    • Language course (From 5 participants; German or English, subject to availability)
    • Accommodation: A room in shared accommodation (from 10 participants; accommodation with a host family or in a hostel or private apartment is only available at list price).

    General Information

    • Administration fee per group: €100
    • Includes: Placement tests, progress tests, certificate of participation, use of the campus library, reading room and computer workstations, Wi-Fi.
    • Special discount: For all group bookings between 26 July and 28 November we offer a special 10% discount off all modules, excluding accommodation and transfers.

    German and English courses for Young People (14+) and Adults

    Course materials (copies): €10 per participant. Learners who prefer to work with books can buy these at the school; the two books cost between €30 and €60, depending on language and level. Placement in international groups is guaranteed for German (A1-C1); English on request.

    Language(s) TH / week Course times (Mon - Fri) Course fee per week and person
    German 20 09:00-12:15 € 140
    German 30



    € 175
    English 15 09:45-12:15 or 13:00-15:30 € 125
    German plus English 20 + 15

    09:00-12:15 (G)

    13:00-15:30 (E)

    € 225

    Accommodation and Meals

    Arrival: Sunday (after 12:00); departure: Saturday (by 10:00). Single and/or hostel rooms with a private bathroom can be booked for a supplement. Accommodation in double rooms and dormitories. We will be pleased to prepare an individual quotation: languages.berlin@fuu.de

    Meals (Sunday evening to Saturday morning): All meals are provided close to the school or accommodation, i.e. on campus, in partner restaurants or with the host family. Groups are responsible for their own meals on excursions and during excluded weekdays or times of day. Additional meal options (price per accommodation week - i.e. from Sunday evening to Saturday morning - and per person; includes one soft drink/water or a cup of coffee/tea at each meal): breakfast €70, lunch €110, evening meal €145.

    Accommodation type (Double rooms and dormitories) Facilities Meals Fee per week and per person
    shared apartments Bathrooms and kitchens shared with only a few other rooms; journey time by public transport max. 50 mins. Not include (see above) € 75
    Campus hall of residence* Central accommodation in the school building, near Potsdamer Platz. Showers, WC, kitchens shared with other F+U students in all age groups. € 115
    host families Kitchen and bathroom shared with a Berlin host family; journey by public transport max. 50 mins.

    Half board

    (breakfast + evening

    meal with the family)

    € 200

    *Limited availability, particularly during the summer months. Therefore, we recommend early advance booking.

    Special accommodation such as hotels and youth hostels on request. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation: languages.berlin@fuu.de.

    Transfer to and from your Accommodation

    Arrival: Sundays (after 12:00), departure: Saturdays (by 10:00).1

    Route Fee per person4
    7-15 people 16+ people
    Berlin central railway station2 One way € 20 € 20
    Both ways € 35 € 30
    Tegel airport3 / bus station (ZOB) at TV tower3 One way € 40 € 30
    Both ways € 70 € 60
    Schönefeld airport3 One way € 60 € 45
    Both ways € 95 € 80

    1Transfers during the week only as an exception and with a 15% supplement
    2Meeting point is the northern main entrance, Europaplatz
    3Meeting point at the agreed location
    4Discount only for joint arrival and/or departure.

    Cultural Programme, Excursions

    In addition to the school’s regular and often free cultural and leisure activities, we can also organise exclusive activities, for a supplement. Groups are accompanied by staff or designated specialist personnel (e.g. external tour guides or course leaders). Options include company tours, sports in the Spreewald and full-day excursions to Hamburg, Leipzig or even Copenhagen, as well as concert and open-air cinema visits, cycling or boat tours. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for a programme tailored to suit your group and their interests and learning goals: languages.berlin@fuu.de

    University Taster Course AoL@VICTORIA

    To complement group and individual programmes the Academy of Languages Berlin, in conjunction with the VICTORIA | International University, offers exclusive introductory courses at university level in the following subject areas and related disciplines:

    • Business
    • International Management
    • Marketing and Public Relations
    • Hotel and Tourism Management
    • Mathematics
    • Sports Management
    • Business Informatics
    • Law

    Lessons are held at the Berlin Educational Campus in the afternoon or evening, as well as on a virtual online basis via our modern Flow Studios. We offer the following teaching languages: German, simple German, and English. Alternation between the introductory courses and additional language training (e.g. Business English or German for university) is also possible (see example below). At the end of the course a certificate of participation showing the number of completed teaching hours is available. Prices and further information on request: languages.berlin@fuu.de

    Sample Timetable

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    09:00-12:15 Open German lessons A2 (20 TH/wk)
    13:00-15:30 Individual course: Business English B2 (6 TH/wk) Taster course AoL@VICTORIA: Programming for Beginners Individual course: Business English B2 (6 TH/wk) Taster course AoL@VICTORIA: Principles of Marketing Exclusive
    leisure activity,
    e.g. excursion
    to Potsdam
    16:00-17:30   Open leisure activity (free)    


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