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    Information and Regulations


    School, lessons, holidays

    • School opening times: Monday and Thursday 08:00-19:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 08:00-18:00
    • Our languages courses are professionally orientated or prepare for higher education and lead towards an international language certificate.
    • Our courses are taught by experienced, highly qualified teachers.
    • One teaching hour (TH) consists of 45 minutes.
    • Minimum age (group courses): 16 years. Exceptions on request (info@victoria-academy.de) and for online training.
    • Class sizes: See the respective course description.
    • Guaranteed provision, minimum participant numbers: Confirmed courses are held even without the minimum number of learners (4 people). The number of hours booked is reduced by 50%. To compensate, learners can take part in another group course; alternatively we can offer you a voucher for the number of reduced teaching hours. The voucher is valid indefinitely and is also transferable.
    • Public holidays (no lessons): 01.01, 10.04, 13.04, 01.05, 08.05, 21.05, 01.06; missed lessons can be added to the end of the course or compensated by taking part in a module or evening course – provided that a written request is received no later than 15:00 the day before the respective public holiday. Missed evening and individual lessons are automatically made up; there is no need to request an extension.
    • School holidays: 21.12 -25.12.2020; no holiday request is required for these days; the length of the booked course is automatically extended by one week. Where applicable, please don’t forget to extend your accommodation contract. Individual lessons are available on request.
    • Individual holiday: The booked course is extended by the length of the holiday as requested in writing and confirmed by the school; please submit requests to info@victoria-academy.de.
      • Intensive courses: Two weeks’ holiday (Monday-Friday) per quarter (12 course weeks); written requests must be received no later than Thursday, 16:00, before the start of the holiday.
        The minimum holiday period is one full course week (Monday to Friday). Where applicable, please don’t forget to extend your accommodation contract.
      • Evening courses: No limit; requests must be received no later than 16:00 on the day of the course.
      • Individual lessons, small closed groups, corporate training: Cancellation of the lesson is possible without charge before 15:00, one day before the scheduled lesson; cancellations of Monday lessons must be received by 15:00 on the Friday before.
    • Main course: Lessons are differentiated by level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The lesson focuses on all productive and receptive language skills (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking), as well as clear grammar instruction. For German courses from the end of level B2, specific examination preparation is also offered to complement the standard courses.
    • Module course: These courses consolidate and develop specific skills (e.g. grammar, vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation and exam strategies) and prepare learners for a range of everyday situations (e.g. lectures and presentations at university, job interviews and professional negotiations). The module courses complement and consolidate the content learned in the main course and are the perfect preparation for professional or academic life. It is possible to switch between modules I and II.
    • International test centre: Our centre offers you the opportunity to take internationally recognised examinations such as TOEFL©, TestDaF, telc and more.
    • The school has barrier-free access, a separate lift platform from the ground floor to the mezzanine and accessible toilets in the school and accommodation areas.


    Course transfer, change of study centre, cancellation

    • Applications to change the course level or module must be received by the school administration office by Thursday, 16:00, valid for the subsequent week. Please note that in many cases a change of course level is only possible with the agreement of the previous teacher and completion of a new placement test.
    • Change of study centre: Our popular Lessons On Tour programme
    • enables learners to switch school locations between Heidelberg and Berlin, free of charge. If booked after the start of the course, a fee of €100 is payable for changing the study centre to our language school in Heidelberg. Applications to change the centre must be received at least two weeks in advance.
    • Cancellation of the course is possible without charge until two weeks before the start of the course, after which the following cancellation charges apply: one week before the start of the course: €50; by Friday, 12:00 before the start of the course: €100; after this notice period but before the start of the course: the registration fee plus the course fee for one week’s course (one month for evening courses) or, in the case of individual lessons, the course fee for two individual teaching hours.
    • Once the course has started, cancellation of the course or reduction of the course duration is possible only in cases prescribed by law (further information in our General Terms and Conditions).
    • Cancellation of accommodation is possible with four weeks’ notice (further regulations in our General Terms and Conditions).


    Fees, discounts

    • Registration fee (for the first course only): €40 (2 people: €25 /person; 3 people: €20 / person; 4 people: €15 / person).
    • All discounts are valid for joint registrations only. Discounts cannot be accumulated. You will find information about discounts for each programme on the respective course pages.
    • The quoted discounts for booking a larger number of course hours (quantity discounts) only apply for pre-payment in full.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all course fees are per person, and accommodation fees per sleeping space.
    • Free services: Placement test, progress tests, free Wi-Fi in the school, certificate of participation (collected from the school on the last day of the course), documentation for authorities, student ID card, in-house academic library (comprehensive range of loan and reference materials on business, law, informatics, mathematics, university preparation, psychology and languages), computer work stations in the library reading room, organization of language tandems, a variety of leisure activities, free advice for university applicants from the team at the VICTORIA | International University.
    • Course materials: German course books ca. €35 per level (textbook and workbook); English course books ca. €55 per level (textbook and workbook). The books can also be borrowed for a small fee and a deposit.
    • The prices and services stated in this brochure are valid until the publication of a new pricelist. Errors and omissions excepted.
    • Information specified in the German and English versions of the pricelist is authoritative. All other translations are intended solely for orientation in the respective language.
    • Non-profit education provider: Academy of Languages’ services are generally exempt from Value Added Tax.

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