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    Evening courses


    • Registration fee:(for the first course): € 35 (group bookings of 3+ people: €20 per person; 5+ people €15 per person).
    • Family discount (siblings, parents): 5% per person off the course fee.
    • Free services: Placement test, progress test, Internet access/Wi-Fi, computer room, certificate of participation, documentation for authorities, student ID card, organization of language tandems, cultural program and more.
    • One teaching hour (TH) = 45 minutes.
    • The course fee discount only applies to advance payment of at least 5 months.
    • Learning materials: Two books for each course level (German ca. €35, English ca. €55); for bookings of up to two months the books can also be borrowed for a fee and deposit.
    • Guaranteed provision, minimum number of participants: Confirmed courses are held even if the minimum number of participants (4 learners) is not reached. The number of hours booked is reduced by 25%; to compensate, learners can also participate in another type of course.
    • Lessons missed due to public holidays will be rescheduled.
    • For further information and regulations please see General Information.
    • Includes: Placement test, Internet access, certificate of participation, student ID, organisation of language tandems, leisure activities.

    German as a Foreign Language

    Course No. Course title Level TH Learners Course days
    Fee per month Course start¹
    1-4 mths From 5 mths
    1 Main course
    standard German
    Acquisition of the various language competences in homogenous learning groups, levels A1-C1 16 4-15 Monday + Thursday € 125 € 100 Every Monday
    2 Main course + module course Further development of skills in a moducle course to complement the main course 24 4-15 Monday + Wednesday + Thursday € 175 € 130 Every Monday
    3 Module course grammar / conversation Grammar Skills development course focusing on grammar (A1-A2) or conversation (B1-C1) 8 4-15 Wednesday € 100 € 80 very Wednesday
    5 Intensive course Standard German Comlement the main and module courses in individual lessons, from level A1 24+8 IL 4-15 + IL Monday to Thursday € 350 € 325 Every Monday

    ¹Start for complete beginners: 02.01, 06.02, 06.03, 03.04, 08.05, 12.06, 03.07, 07.08, 04.09, 02.10, 06.11, 04.12


    Course No. Course title Level TH Learners Course days
    Fee per month Course start¹
    1-4 mths From 5 mths
    6 Main course standard English Acquisition of the various language competences in homogenous learning groups. Levels A2-C1 8 4-10 Monday € 80 € 60 Every Monday
    7 Main course + module course Participation in module courses I, II or III to complement the main course 16 4-10 Monday + Thursday € 130 € 110 Every Monday
    8 Module course I business English Lesson with in-depth focus on business English, from level B1 8 4-10 Thursday € 100 € 80 Every Thursday
    9 Module course II Grammar/conversation Skills development course focusing on grammar and conversation, from level A2 8 4-10 Thursday € 100 € 80 Every Thursday
    10 Module course III TOEFL® preparation Preparation for the TOEFL® exam², from level B1 8 4-10 Thursday € 120 € 100 Every Thursday

    ¹Start for complete beginners: on request
    ²The TOEFL® test can be taken here at F+U.

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