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    Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)

    In cooperation with FH Aachen, F+U Academy of Languages Berlin will provide a limited number of exam spots for each DSH examination in 2017 for our students.

    2017 Dates

    Examination Dates Internal Selection Process Examination Fee
    25.02.2017 -

    € 175

    Fee for internal selection process: € 25

    29.04.2017 -
    17.06.2017 ca. 08.-12.05.2017
    26.08.2017 ca. 17.-21.07.2017
    28.10.2017 ca. 18.-22.09.2017
    02.12.2017 ca. 23-27.10.2017

    Internal Selection Procedure

    The University of Applied Sciences Aachen (FH Aachen) regularly provides exam seats to F+U Academy of Languages Berlin which we assign in an internal selection process among those students attending a German class on level B2.2 or higher. Dates of the internal selection process are announced on our website, Facebook page, in class and on notices in school.

    F+U Academy of Languages charges € 25,- for participation in the internal selection process. Seats are assigned to students who achieve the best results in the selection process. Successful candidates will be notified by e-mail and have to register for the DSH exam by an appointed date. If the exam fee is not paid until the appointed date, students lose their entitlement to a place in the exam.

    For more information on the internal selection process, please refer to: testcentre.berlin@fuu.de


    F+U Academy of Languages charges an examination fee of € 175,- for participation in the DSH exam at FH Aachen. All candidates that have passed the internal selection process receive a € 25,- discount on the examination fee. The fee for the selection procedure is non-refundable if candidates are not assigned exam seats.


    Cancellation of participation in the DSH exam is possible until six weeks before the exam date. FH Aachen will retain a handling fee of € 20,-. Cancellation without fees is possible until two week prior to the exam provided that F+U Academy of Languages (not the cancelling student) is able to assign a cancelled exam seat to another candidate. A suitable substitute candidate will be determined by F+U Academy of Languages on the basis of the results of the internal selection process. F+U Academy of Languages also reserves the right to accept or refuse cancellations according to internal guidelines by FH Aachen.

    The DSH Exam

    University applicants who have not received their university entrance qualification at a German-speaking institution must provide evidence of sufficient German language skills before entering degree programmes at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany according to the Hochschulrahmengesetz (HRG, Framework Act for Higher Education) and the higher-education acts of the federal states. Evidence may be given through a number of different exams, such as TestDaF, telc C1 Hochschule or DSH.

    The DSH at FH Aachen

    The DSH exam at FH Aachen is a standardized, accredited exam that is recognized throughout Germany. The DSH exam is for international university applicants who are required to provide evidence of sufficient German language skills in order to study at a university in Germany. The DSH exam at FH Aachen is an open assessment, which means that applicants from other universities may participate as well.

    FH Aachen recommends taking the exam after completing 900 – 1,000 teaching hours. For this reason, F+U Academy of Languages Berlin has decided to introduce the above-mentioned internal selection process to ensure that only those students with sufficient language skills participate in the exam.

    Structure of the Exam

    The DSH at FH Aachen includes a written part followed by an oral examination which will be conducted only after passing the written exam. The written exam will be conducted prior to the oral exam. Both parts of the exam must be taken at the same location and within the same examination period.

    The written exam consists of the following segments:

    1. Listening comprehension (HV)
    2. Reading comprehension (LV) and academic language comprehension
    3. Text composition according to specifications (TP)

    The examination board in charge of the oral exam may resolve on abstaining from an oral examination if sufficient evidence is available to assess the examinee’s communication skills. The oral examination will be cancelled if the written exam has not been passed. Previous examinations or credits cannot be recognized for the written part.

    Evaluation and Certificates

    All parts of the DSH exam may be passed on the following three levels:

    • DSH-1 (57 % or more) certifies "basic" language skills.
    • DSH-2 (67 % or more) certifies "sophisticated" language skills.
    • DSH-3 (82 % or more) certifies "exceptionally strong" language skills.

    The DSH certificate by FH Aachen is recognized by all universities in Germany, who usually require an overall result of DSH-2 for university applicants to enter a degree programme. We recommend getting informed on admission requirements for individual courses of study.

    The complete DSH exam is passed if both the written and oral part have been passed. The written is passed if at least 57% of the requirements in segments HV, LV, WS and TP are met. Segments are weighed 2 : 2 : 1 : 2.
    The oral exam is passed if at least 57% of requirements are met. Any part of the exam is failed if less than 57% are met.

    The overall result of the exam is

    • DSH-1, if at least 57% of requirements are met both in the written and oral exam,
    • DSH-2, if at least 67% of requirements are met both in the written and oral exam
    • DSH-3, if at least 82% of requirements are met both in the written and oral exam.

    Further Information (in German)

    Rahmenordnung über Deutsche Sprachprüfungen für das Studium an deutschen Hochschulen (RO-DT)

    Ordnung für die Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) an der Fachhochschule Aachen


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