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    Course Levels

    Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

    CEFR Levels TH per Level Language Certificates1 Course Duration (one course level)
    English German

    Chinese, French,

    Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

    A1 160 English A1, LCCI-Preliminary 1, TOEIC® 10-1201 Start Deutsch 1

    Français A1,

    Italiano A1,

    Russian A1, Diploma

    de Español A1

    The course duration depends on the type of the course booked:


    Intensive courses:


    Each 7-8 weeks;
    C1 and C2: minimum 8 weeks


    Evening courses:

    Approx. 4-8 months


    For individual lessons the total number of hours require to complete a course level is reduced by ca. 50%.

    A2 160

    English A2,

    LCCI-Preliminary 2,

    TOEIC® 120-2252

    Start Deutsch 2

    Français A2,

    Italiano A2, Russian

    A2, Diploma de

    Español A2

    B1 160

    English B1, B1 Business,


    TOEIC® 226-5502,

    TOEFL® 57-86

    Zertifikat Deutsch,

    Deutsch-Test für


    Français B1, Italiano

    B1, Russian B1,

    Diploma de Español

    Inicial B1

    B2 160

    English B2, B2

    Business, LCCI-2,

    TOEIC® 551-7852,

    TOEFL® 87-109

    Deutsch B2,

    B2 Beruf, B1/B2

    Pflege, TestDaF 3

    (B2.1-B2.2), DSH 1

    Français B2, Italiano

    B2, Russian B2,

    Diploma de Español

    Intermedio B2

    C1 160+

    Foreign Language


    Clerk, European

    Secretary, Multilingual



    English C1, LCCI-3,

    TOEIC® 786-9452,

    TOEFL® 110-120

    Deutsch C1, C1


    C1 Beruf,

    B2/C1 Medizin,

    TestDaF 4 (B2.2-

    C1.1), TestDaF 5

    (C1.1-C1.2), DSH 2

    Foreign Language


    Clerk, European

    Secretary, Multilingual


    Clerk, Français C1,

    Diploma de Español

    Superior C1

    C2 400


    English C2, LCCI-4,

    TOEIC® 946-9902

    DSH 3,

    Deutsch C2

    Translator, Francais

    C2, Diploma de Español

    Superior C2

    1All language certificate examinations can be taken at the F+U Academy of Languages or at one of our partner institutions.
    ²The results refer to the TOEIC® test of Listening & Reading language competences.

    CEFR Levels Listening Reading Speaking Writing

    Can understand

    simple sentences

    Can understand

    simple sentences

    Can communicate in

    short phrases

    Can produce short, simple postcards
    A2 Can understand the overall meaning of short, simple, clear messages

    Can read short,

    simple texts, e.g.

    personal correspondence

    Can communicate in

    sentences in everyday


    Can produce short,

    simple notes, messages

    and personal


    B1 Can understand important information regarding work, free time, etc. Can comprehend text written in everyday language Can participate in conversations about family, hobbies and work Can produce simple, connected text on familiar themes
    B2 Can follow lengthy statements and most TV programmes Can understand newspaper articles and literary prose Can communicate fluently and spontaneously Can produce detailed texts and effectively present an argument
    C1 Can understand lengthy statements and TV programmes without great effort Can comprehend complex and literary texts Can express thoughts fluently, spontaneously and precisely Can produce clear, well-structured texts on complex subjects

    Can understand

    complex language

    with ease, also when

    spoken quickly

    Can comprehend any

    text with ease

    Can participate

    effortlessly in all

    conversations and


    Can produce and

    discuss sophisticated

    and complex texts

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